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If you are struggling with past or present infidelities, the management of jealousy, sexual incompatibilities, or monogamy or open relationships, I can assist you to compassionately address these matters and design a more satisfying intimate relationship.

I have written several articles and books on alternative intimate relationships and developed a new relationship paradigm that equally honors mature forms of monogamy, open relationships, polyamory, and relationship modes beyond the mono/poly dichotomy.

I don’t think that either monogamy or polyamory is more natural or the best option for everybody. My counseling practice with individual and couples (or triads and other relational structures) focuses on finding out what is true for each of the persons involved, exploring the reconciliation of possible incompatibilities, developing practical steps toward transitioning from monogamy to open relationships (or vice versa), and fostering the harmonious resolution of conflicting needs and desires.

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