“I want to thank you above all for helping me rebuild my self-confidence. Feeling how confident you were in my abilities allowed me to believe in them and get out of the stagnant and painful relational situation I was stuck in. Thank you for your mindful listening, revealing exercises, guided visualizations, and words of support. They created a sense of inner legitimacy that continues to whispers me ‘I deserve to be happy, my way.’” – Elisa (United Kingdom)

“We feel immensely grateful for your helping us to rekindle our sex life and recreate a relational structure that supports both our individual growth and evolution as a committed couple. Your seasoned (and outside-the-box!) perspectives, guided exercises, and “homework” protocols were priceless. Thank you so much for offering the powerful work you are offering!” – Tatjana and Mark (United States)

“I had been tormented for years due to my infidelities. Jorge helped me to understand deeply their deepest roots and motivations, freeing me form self-judgment and self-criticism. I now feel I can finally enjoy an intimate life that no longer creates conditions for lying and cheating the people I love most in my life. Phew!” – Miguel (Spain)

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for so compassionately supporting me throughout the most excruciatingly painful time of my life. After an unexpected break-up with my husband and the loss of my dearest friend, I felt that grief and spiritual dryness were my only realities. You helped me to understand the deepest spiritual potentials of my grief and the granted opportunity for a more authentic life. I feel ready to embark in a new chapter of my life with new inner resources… and exciting expectations!” – Marissa (United States) ‘